Monday, August 24, 2009

Another 4-H Ride

The 4-H club had another meeting/trail ride Sunday.  E's horse hasn't been able to have shoes on for the last 2 months so we couldn't take her.  Lady still wasn't sound from when we took her trail riding 2 weeks ago.  So that left V with Jessica and me on Thumper (which in reality is J's horse).
We rode 8 1/2 miles.  I led Thumper on parts of the trail because I've only ridden him about 3 times this year and I am not sure how he will react to things.  I mostly kept him with his nose on Jessica's tail because she was acting so good.  You can see V's concern riding without even having her feet in the stirrups.
The weather was unseasonable cool.  You can see when we stopped for lunch how cold everyone looks.
Thumper stood well tied to the tree, he did however, try to chew on Jessica's saddle some.  Everyone got back in one piece so it was a successful ride.  I was encouraged with how Jessica acted so I am still leaning towards doing the 25 mile ride Saturday.

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