Saturday, August 29, 2009

To Finish Is To Win

What was I thinking.  I ended up going ahead with the endurance ride today.  Instead of the 25 miles I thought it was suppose to be, it was 30.4 miles.  When I checked in yesterday,  there was a 63 year old women checking in also.  Because it was my first ride she volunteered to ride with me.  The only problem was Jessica was no match for her 15.2 hand 17 year old seasoned Arabian that won best conditioned at her last ride.  After 4 miles of trying to keep up I told her to go on. (she finished 13th)  I then rode mostly by myself or with other pairs I caught up with.                                                                                                             
Our numbers or in this case letters were painted on the horse's hip.  I hope it comes off before our show next week.

There was a professional photographer at about the 13 mile point.  I thought it turned out pretty good.  The original is better than my picture of the picture.
CROSSING THE FINISH LINE.  From here there was another pulse check (to below 60) and vet check then I was done.  I finished 38 out of 47 starting.  There was a 7 hour 15 min time limit which included the 50 min. hold at the half way vet check.  I had 4 minutes to spare.

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C said...

Wow K -- almost 7 hours of riding -- Yikes! Way to hang in there.

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