Monday, April 9, 2012

Good Help

We had some good help with the cattle today.  We were sorting out 18 pairs to work and move to some rented land.  V was home on spring break and was able to help out. 
 She rode the 4 wheeler,
 while I rode Hank.  (we're thinking of calling him High on Hank for the next horse show)
 J was on foot.  The cattle stayed calm and nothing broke by.
 We then sorted out 6 pairs at a time to go into the barn.  The cows got a breed back vaccine and the calves 7-way, castrated, implanted and ear tagged.
 Then the pairs were loaded on the trailer for a short haul to the next farm.
 V was very good help.
18 more pairs turned out for the summer.


C said...

Looks like you have great grass on the rented land. Glad to see V helping out. You will miss her next year!

fernvalley01 said...

looks like a good days work, and a good day for it

Alica said...

It looks like they've got lots to be excited about...that grass looks inviting!

Crystal said...

Nice to get them out to summer pasture. Good day and good help, how can it get better :)

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