Sunday, April 15, 2012

More Excellent Help

Saturday it was the fall calving herd's turn to be worked. 
 J already had them in a smaller lot the night before so they were no trouble to get up.
 We weren't doing anything to the cows so we cut them all out at the start.
 Then it was just the chore of working the calves.
 Of course, no improvements have been made to the pens since the last time so J had to move the panels around to some strategic spots.
 E was great help.
 She did the deworming

 kept up with the ear tags and provided wonderful company.
There were two calves to dehorn.  I always do a lidocaine nerve block and trim the hair away first. 
J did the implanting and ear tagging.  Everything worked smoothly again.  It's nice to find good help right at home.


Kim said...

It looks like fun and yes, the best help is always from home. It looks like E was doing a great job! She looks like a natural.

Mary Ann said...

Hard work, but interesting to see how it's done... and way to go for using the lidocaine!

fernvalley01 said...

nice to have the good kind of help you have , and I am ever so jealous of all the green grass

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