Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Home

We usually sell our billy goat every spring and buy a new one to breed the nannies in the fall.  Billy goats are getting expensive so we thought we would try to keep this one over the summer but we don't want him breeding the nannies until the end of November.  J caught him a few days ago and put him in the bull lot but apparently that is not goat proof and he got back out.  So on to plan B.
 The goats had hung out in the barn over night so the billy was easy to catch again.
 Then J loaded him into the pickup for a short ride.
 Emma takes every opportunity available to "help" out.
 J said he's going to have the billy goat halter broke and ready to show at this rate.
He's now in the new lot at the horse barn.  We'll see now if it's goat proof.


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Are those fences goat proof? :)

Beyond the Fence

4RRanch said...

The high tensile fence has 3 strands that are electric. That is about the only thing we've that will keep a goat out or in. The american wire works but they get their heads thru it and their horns caught in it on occasion.

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