Saturday, December 15, 2012

Another Chinese Christmas

This time it was with the local Saddle Club.  J had the last number so he got pick of the lot.  
He asked if this hole punch would be better than the one we have.  I said a nail is better that what we have.
There was also a knife in the bag.  I think there were a total of 5 knives or knife sets in the exchange.  
I was midway down in the numbers an chose to steal this metal star ornament
with this very nice pot which is filled with a most unfortunate smelling candle.
The bottle of rum eggnog I took didn't even last until the end.  It got traded several times then opened and emptied before it was all over.
Off to another party today, but no Chinese Christmas at this one.

1 comment:

Crystal said...

Looks like good wins, except for the unfortunate smelling candle, lol.

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