Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Basketball and Elf

E is playing in a basketball tournament Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday then a regular game Friday.  They are really slamming us right before Christmas.  
I was able to attend the Tuesday game and it was very exciting.  E played more aggressive than usual and even took a few shots.  On one break away she was running down the court and the girl guarding her stopped in front of her right as E was jumping to shoot.  It looked like the scene in Elf where Elf was trying to put the star on the tree.  E was up around the other girl's head and they both crashed to the floor.  E got called for charging.  
She did go to the foul line twice and made 2/4 shots there.  She also scored another basket for a total of 4 points.  
The game was tied with 10 seconds left and we scored at the buzzer to win 21-19.
They lost today in overtime.  No points for E.

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C said...

Sounds very exciting!

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