Saturday, December 8, 2012


E is playing JV basketball again this year.  
I didn't really have any pictures of her last year because she would only get to play 20-30 seconds a game if that.  
There was a lot of frustration on our part going to all of the games to see her on the bench.  
This year she has been starting all of the games and playing most of them for the entire time.  
It makes going to watch much more enjoyable for me and J.  
Being just 5 feet tall, she doesn't get to shoot that often, but she is good at the other parts and makes over half of her foul shots.  I'm sure this season will fly by compared to last year.


C said...

Go E Go!

Crystal said...

Nice she actually gets to play this year. I never played cause I was short, but maybe I coulda tried. Oh well sports were not me so its all good, but I do admire someone who can play.

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