Monday, February 18, 2013

Judging Results

I took E to the Block & Bridle Horse Judging Contest Saturday.  She didn't really want to go but she has too much talent to waste sitting at home in the recliner.  On the scheduled they had all of the activities (judging and reasons) taking place at the arena.  Because E has done the contest several times before and I had no other kids there, I left to do some shopping and visiting during the performance and reasons part of the contest. 
Unfortunately, the scheduled was wrong.  They had moved the reasons to a building on campus.  E had to find a ride there.  She waited after she was done thinking I might find out about the change and come get her.  I however, was blissfully ignorant of any problems while I went to go vaccinate my sister's cat.   E then  had to walk over a mile in below freezing temperatures to grandma's house for her to then bring back to the arena.  
Needless to say, E was not happy.  She also thought she had done poorly in the contest. 

She only let me take one picture so here it is.
Results, 4th in halter
             2nd in performance
             3rd in reasons
             3rd overall.
It ended up being her best contest so far.  She said she should just care less more often.


Mary Ann said...

Someday she'll be glad you blasted her out of the recliner!

minttumeirami said...

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C said...

Great job E! Glad you got out of the recliner.

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