Sunday, February 17, 2013

Just Kit Sunday #2

I had a very successful week photographing Kit.
 After we had finished working with Brother on the trailer, Kit decided to inspect it.
 J didn't want to spring for a Farm Use tag so he just used a flipped the temporary cardboard tag around and painted on it.  I'm surprised it has lasted this long.  I think the sign describes Kit pretty well.  We haven't had near the mouse problem this year as last after we had lost Oreo.
 Do you think EBY would like this for and ad campaign?  "We haul anything, inside or out."
And my favorite - Majestic Kit -


Sheeps and Peeps Farm said...

beautiful shots - love the last one with that dark, brooding sky

Alica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alica said...

Oops...correction! She goes to school with the daughter of the owner of Eby trailers! That would make him a little young, huh?

C said...

Nice shots of Kit

Travis said...

Hi. This is
Beth Eby. Can we post your photo on the Eby Facebook page? Either way, love the cute photo !

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