Saturday, February 16, 2013

Non Event

J had to take a cull cow to the market Thursday.  He decided to just leave the trailer out so we could work with Brother loading and unloading. 
 He hasn't been on a trailer since we brought him home and that was the first.   He is always curious and willing to check things out.
 What we have to watch with him is that he doesn't go on too strong.  We started by just letting him go in with his front feet then stopping to let him settle.
 Then back off,
 and on again with just the fronts a few more times.
 When he was slow and comfortable with that, we let him on all of the way.  I like how relaxed he is with his back leg cocked.
 He backed off like a seasoned pro, really checking for the ground and not getting nervous.  All of the backing exercises I've been doing with him are paying off.
 After all of that I wanted to measure him and he didn't want to get on the concrete.  Noisy, moving aluminum trailer is ok but not the stationary concrete.
After a few attempts he was going back and forth on that too.  Mission accomplished.  Not quite 2 years old and 14.2 hands.  He is already taller than Otoelene.
I'm with E at the Block and Bridle Horse Judging Contest today.  Hope she does well.  I don't think she's too thrilled about doing horse judging still, but it's too good of an opportunity to let pass. Maybe she'll thank me later.


cheyenne jones said...

Looking at his backend, he might make 15hh and then some. looks a nice quiet pony.

Dianna said...

I never knew horses were so curious...

Kim said...

Looks like he's doing great! Such a pretty horse.

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