Monday, April 8, 2013

Little I Preview

V is showing a heifer in the intra-collegiate livestock show called the Little International next week.  Students can pick a horse, pig, sheep or heifer.  She drew a very nervous angus heifer to show and only has one more week to work with her. 
 Yesterday was V's birthday so we went up to see her and take her to dinner.  She wanted to show us how bad her heifer was.  (Notice the tail wringing)
 She wasn't mean but was very skiddish and high strung. (notice the tail wringing)
 She would swing around any time V would try to touch her.
 She spent 45 minutes waking her up and down the aisle.
 V said this was the best she has acted so far and braved taking her outside.
Notice the tail wringing and far away look.  
V worked with her for 2 hours and was very patient with the nervous behaviors.  We watched other kids working with heifers that looked like pets, one even calling her's "Precious".   I don't think V has named hers and I'm sure if she did it wouldn't be Precious.  Wednesday is a practice show then the real thing will be Saturday.  She seems to be doing the best she can with what she has.


Mary Ann said...

If V is doing the best she can with what she has... then she's doing her best! Good for her! We don't always get pies in life, sometimes we get mudpies.

CDH said...

Looks like she's doing an awesome job! You knock em outta the ring girl! Good luck!

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