Monday, April 1, 2013

Perils of a Steep Farm

J is forever complaining about the steepness of our farm (and rightly so).  With the cows calving now the terrain is sometimes a problem both for us checking on them and for the cows and calves themselves.  
 This cow for example, didn't have her calf in this path/gully.
 But the gully is what stopped it from traveling further down the hill.
It actually started up here at this semi level spot then apparently took a tumble down the hill when it started trying to get up.   It finally got to it's feet and everything was ok.

Kid count 46


Alica said...

I'm thankful, over and over again, that we have relatively level fields...especially when I see loaded hay wagons coming in from the field. I remember when I was a girl, my Mom could barely watch when my Dad mowed the meadow. There were some really steep hills there, and she was afraid he would roll the tractor!

Nell said...

We actually lost a cow one year because she laid down wrong on a really small slope, and couldn't get back up. By the time we found her, it was too late. I know how frustrating those hills can be.

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