Saturday, April 6, 2013

Post Office Rant

 The post office is unbelievable!  I bought some china on Ebay.  The mailman actually drove it up to my house (half a mile off the road), and informed me that there was $15 postage due on the two boxes.  Apparently, the seller used priority boxes but then covered them with paper so only paid standard shipping.
 But look, the paper somehow got torn by the post office and now they know there is a priority box lurking under the paper and now they aren't getting paid enough to deliver the special box.  You can only use the special priority boxed for priority mail and nothing else, there is no disguising that it is a special priority box.
 This was the only hint on the second box that it was priority too.  So my choices were to send it back, pay the $15, or have them hold the boxes while I contacted the seller to try and settle the matter.  I chose the third option and the seller was very quick to credit my account for the additional postage.  However, the post office wasn't holding the boxes and the one 1 mile from my house or the one 5 miles but the one that was 12 miles away.  So 4 days later I finally am able to pick up my "Priority" boxes.  I asked the clerk if there was any insurance on the boxes because if the outside got so torn up I was worried about what I would find inside.   She said she wouldn't know, I would have to contact the shipper to find out and I should be mad at the person that shipped the packages not at the post office.  As I said, unbelievable.
Anyway, this was what I was wanting, the last cup and saucer I needed to complete a place setting for 12 of my china pattern I picked out 23 years ago for my wedding. 
And this is what I got, enough to now have 16 place settings!  I only paid $82.45 for it all with $45.75 of that going toward postage.  I checked the rates for FexEx ground - $24.90.


Story said...

Most interesting. When my family ships things to me they always wrap whatever box they packed it in with brown paper. And that paper is *always* torn when the package gets here. Now we could think that the paper is just fragile and stuff happens but you have to wonder if it is actually accidentally on purpose now!

Your china pattern is beautiful! How wonderful that you are still able to get it to complete your set.

Crystal said...

How cool you get to complete the set. I don't trust the mail and I always use lots and lots of packing tape,, especially on the edges and corners and never have a package end up like that, more often than not they cant get them open, lol. Guess she shoulda shipped Fedex though woulda been cheaper.

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