Tuesday, July 2, 2013

4R's Family Vacation Day 3

This morning's breakfast wasn't quite up to par with yesterday's but it was adequate.  Then we got to J's favorite stop, Circle 5 Feed Yard.
Our cattle had already been sold so at least we did not have to walk amongst them.  The feed lot operator told J that he had the best close out of any pen that they have sold this spring.
J was in heaven driving around looking at all of the cattle pens.
The lot conditions were very good, dry and the cattle were very clean.
I'm not sure V and E were as interested as J.
We then drove on to Broken Bow were we stopped to eat lunch.
V and I picnicked in the town square,
while J and E enjoyed a meal at the city cafe.
Next, we made a stop in Thedford to experience the 2 attractions listed in the Nebraska visitor's guide. First up was the Thedford art gallery.
The attendant wasn't sure how to make out the sales receipt because it had been so long since he had done one.
We the took a tour of the Thedford Museum. 
We were the first visitors to sign the guest book in 6 days.
We had many miles of Sand Hills scenery on our way to Valentine.  A drive through the Niobrara Wildlife refuge was a disappointment as it only netted a viewing of some prairie dogs.  I was however, able to score a discount on our hotel room by asking if they gave one for the National Cattlemen's Association.  The front desk person looked up and saw J in his cowboy hat and knocked off $15.  It never hurts to ask.  The fiber optic cable serving most of Nebraska was cut sometime today so I'm
not sure when I'll get to post this.  V is having terrible Internet withdrawals.  Her plight reads like "The Sad Cat Diaries."  If you haven't already seen it on YouTube you must check it out.
"Communications with the outside world has now been withheld from me for 30 hours now.  I have had no contact with others of my kind.  The authorities have kept me trapped in this vehicle for endless mile after mile with no apparent end in sight.  How cruel can they be, I will surely suffocate."  
V has not actually said any of this and has been a joy to travel with.



Kim said...

Looks like you all are having a good time. I just love the little towns throughout the country. If you drive through OK City on the way back, stop by our farm.

C said...

Great post.
V and E looked like they were both yawning in the cattle viewing picture.

Spot on doing V a la the sad cat diary. Very funny!! I will say that V and E are good travelers.

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