Monday, July 29, 2013

Freezing Green Beans

I usually don't have an over abundance of garden produce, so I have never had to can anything from the garden.  This year, with all of the rain, has been different  Way too many beans but not really enough to can so I thought I might try freezing some.  E was good enough to pick, wash and string them for me.  
 Then it was just a matter of blanching,
 (a colander with tongs worked well for this)
Then quick into an ice bath. (boy, do I like my new ice maker freezer)
 then drain,
 package, vacuum pack (that's what the straw is for),
and freeze.  I hope they work out.  It is sooo much less work than canning.


50+ Horses said...

I would love to freeze some beans for the upcoming winter. It appears you are using ziplock bags and the straw...I probably sound stupid but do you suck out the rest of the air with the straw...or what?

4RRanch said...

Yes, it is a very primitive vacuum packing but it works.

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