Monday, July 15, 2013

Let the Conditioning Begin

It has been a little difficult trying to get motivated to start conditioning for the endurance ride this year.  Between all of the rain then our vacation, there just hasn't been much of an opportunity to work the horses much.  Plus, I usually ride Otoelene whenever I have the chance. But this weekend we have started conditioning in earnest.  
 J is working with Jessica again and I thought I would try Thumper.  Hank deserves a rest plus he is so rough I feel like I've been beaten up after a long ride.  Thumper is sooo much smoother.  Even though Jessica is 12 years old it is still a good idea to lunge her first.
 Today we did some hill work.  Lots of trotting up and down the hills.
 As you can see, we have plenty of hills.
I think J went half again as far as I did today.  Jessica really is the energizer bunny.  Thumper, on the other hand, was content to trot around at a pace just a little up from a western pleasure jog.  Can you tell I'm wearing my Da Brim helmet brim?  I absolutely love it.  J says it looks like I'm wearing a sombrero.


Ian H said...

My back kind of limits me to an hour and a half at a time. I envy your endurance goal.

Crystal said...

I was thinking the other day as I found a mapping app on my phone how fun an endurance ride would be to go on, hmm might have to check that out.

Will you take Otelene on endurance rides too one day?

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