Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Obstacle Practice

Our Saddle Club is having a Cowboy Challenge (timed obstacle course) this coming Saturday.  We've decided on 10 obstacles and are going to set the course up on Friday night.  There was some disagreement on how much time to allot to some of the obstacles so they asked if I would bring a horse to test them out.  Which one to bring, decisions, decisions.   
 I decided to take Pep.  She has had the most trail class experience and with E at the beach for 2 weeks I don't think she would mind Pep getting a little extra training.  Today I worked on the tarp.  No secret there, there is always a tarp at one of these things.  This one didn't phase her in the least.  I then went to the outdoor arena where I have several poles to work on side passing, jumping, backing and turning in a tight place.  She did fine with everything.
Then I got to put her to some actual use.  J wanted these two heifers and calf moved to another field.  I think Pep enjoyed this job more that the pretend work we did.

1 comment:

sally said...

good idea to make sure the tarp is well practiced. I've seen tarps create some quite spectacular responses!!

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