Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Deal or No Deal

I saw a deal on fly spray (hard to think about flies in zero degree weather)  on Tractor Supplies clearance page so I stopped by to see if there was any at our local store.  Low and behold there was.  A gallon was $30 but the 32 oz spray bottles were only $2.99.  When I went to check out they rang up as $0.99 each.  I thought, "what a deal," and almost went back to clear the shelf.  But after a second thought I decided to wait and check out some reviews because I have never used this spray before.  
The reviews are mixed.  One vet said 3 of her horses had allergic reactions and she was throwing the rest away.  Then there are others that say it works better than anything else they have tried.  Has anyone else used this one?


fernvalley01 said...

never heard of it, hope you let us know what you think in the summer

Nell said...

I've never tried it, but we just got a brand new Tractor Supply on our mountain, so maybe I should see if they have it there because that is a SMOKIN' deal!!!We usually use Pyranha aerosol spray, and rotate it with something else, but nothing seems to work more than a day around here in the summertime.

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