Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday's Fences #111

We spent New Year's Day moving cattle.  Well, not all day.  J always has things set up to where the rest of us have pretty minimal involvement.  
 He had already fixed the pens and had the cattle up.
 Remember the state of the pens last year. You can check out that Friday's Fences here.
 This year J has kept the calve on the cows longer.  We are calving a little later and we had some fall pasture so this time we are bringing the cows and calve home together.
 Usually, by this time, we have gotten the cattle up and sorted the calves and hauled them to the house.  Then later we get the cows up again to drive home.
 This time was much easier with only having to get them up once with no sorting.
 Love how the fence frames the cattle.
 E took up position on the outside of a non-electrified electric fence to try to keep the cattle from getting in the owner's yard on the way to the road.  For some reason they made the entry into the field from their yard and not from the road.  So we always try to be careful and do as little damage to the grass as possible.  
After a short quarter mile hike, they are back home.
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Alica said...

Such well behaved cows! :) Glad it all went well.

Marleen said...

So great to see these photo's. We don't see black cows here in the Netherlands often, it's mostly black and white.

LV said...

Loved seeing and sharing you cattle move.

Crystal said...

Excellent to have them home, the fence sure looks a lot better than it did last year!

Jan n Jer said...

sounds very does make life easier. Nice photos!

Debashree Chakma said...

Excellent your cattle.

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