Thursday, January 9, 2014

Silly Idea

The cold weather started to hit here on Monday.  I looked outside that afternoon and saw the prettiest big snowflakes drifting down.  
 I asked V is she wanted to come outside and take some riding in the snow horse pictures.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.
 The snow was starting to pile up and the horses were acting a little frisky.
But Otoelene was still listening to me and letting me take some action shots of the other horses.  
 There was quite a bit of shenanigans going on.
 Anyway, by the time I got to the barn the wind was really picking up.  I saddled up but Otoelene was not as calm as usual so I lunged her some.  Still no better.  By this time the snow was blowing horizontal to the ground and I decided it just wasn't worth getting hurt over.
I think Otoelene was ok with that decision.  Apparently, this was a very isolated blizzard.  There was no snow just a mile in either direction.


aurora said...

Looks like your herd had a case of the blizzard sillies.

Allison B said...

Shy and her herd of minis and drafts were loving the snow! I think the horses do not care about the cold nearly as much as us.

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