Monday, January 27, 2014

Still Some Green Grass

I had a good ride on Wrangler this morning.  Thought I might ride some before the temperature starts to drop.  It's in the 40's but suppose to get down to single digits by this evening.  I just rode in the barn again because of the 30 mph wind gusts.  The barn creaking and groaning didn't seem to phase him any.   We did the usual, walk, trot, and canter, but also worked on side passing and opening and closing the rope gate.  He is really coming along well. Can't wait for warm weather and another show to try him at.  
 Anyway, after our ride, I always let him out in the lot around the barn for a little while.  Since this is fenced off, there is still a little grazing available.
He really likes the rows between the round bales.  There is still some green grass where it's been protected by the hay.   E did come out and watch some.  She says she will be more in the mood to ride by March.

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