Saturday, January 4, 2014

Vintage Day

I got a new printer/scanner/copier for Christmas.  I had one but it stopped working and I never really scanned many pictures with it.  I thought I might try to do a little better with this one.  And, since this is a farm/ranch/horse blog what better way to start than with some vintage horse show pictures.  
 How about a vintage horse show line up from 1979.  Our judging team wanted to raise some money to go to contest in the midwest so we put on a horse show and raised enough to take all of us out there on a 5 day trip in the back of a pickup truck (with a shell top).
 We had a great turn out and I was able to show along with helping with the show.
 Yes, that's me and Hot Toddy in first place.  I had a sprained ankle at the time and wasn't able to put my foot in the stirrup.
Hot Toddy was my sister's horse that I ended up showing for several years.  He was 1/2 app and 1/2 Thoroughbred but I got asked endlessly if he was an Arabian or Quarter Horse.  We always thought he was lazy because he would trip, stumble, drag his feet and fall sometimes but when I got into Vet school I found out he was actually a wobbler.  It did make for a nice western pleasure horse though.


Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

I really enjoy all the pics you share here and appreciate your visiting my blog as well. The scanner sure has been wonderful for retrieving old pics for us bloggers. I just started using mine on my last post when I couldn't find digital shots I wanted. The idea of a pet post is great ~ your critters are all adorable but I must admit that Emma's headshot stole my heart!
Wishing you a happy n healthy 2014!

fernvalley01 said...

Great to be able to scan those pic, the old photos fade so much, nice to keep them as clear as possible

Debashree Chakma said...

Really glad to see your some vintage horse picture.

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