Monday, January 6, 2014

Weaning Calves

Since we are calving a little later and we had more fall pasture this year, J decided to keep the calves on the cows longer. 
 But Saturday was the round up and sorting day for most of the spring calving group.
 It was a beautiful clear day.
 We did have to go on a bit of a hike, out of the hay field, into the hollow,
 then missed the turn to the field we were aiming for and ended up at the water tank below the house.  Since E and J were already down there trying to turn them back, I took advantage of the time to take more pictures.
 They finally got them turned and headed in the right direction again.
 Then it was my job to make sure they took the turn through the gate.
 E had put up the temporary electric fence the day before so it was a straight shot from there into the barn lot.
 E was a big help in the sorting.  J dewormed the cows and calves as we drove them  to their respective pens one at a time.
 We gave J the task of counting since he is never exactly comfortable with our counts.
 Then the calves to one field and the cows to the next field for fence line weaning.
Too bad V was still at a friend's house and wasn't available to help.  But thank you E for a job well done.  I think the 4-wheeler is starting to get a little dirt on it.


Michaele said...

Bet it was noisy around there last night.

Kim said...

Do they try to get through the fence?

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