Tuesday, April 29, 2014

4-H Lesson, Equine Dentistry

E managed to drag herself down to the 4-H meeting Sunday after staying out all night for the prom.  I had one of our local equine vets come and talk on dentistry and demo teeth floating.  Dr. B is also a board certified vet anesthesiologist, chiropractic and acupuncturist.  
 My original idea was for her to work on Hank.  She had told me before that she had done Hank's teeth for a previous owner and his were usually bad.   But when she checked his teeth Sunday, she said they were fine.  So I thought I would try Otoelene since she should be shedding caps.   Dr. B said she did have some sharp points and would be a good idea to float her teeth.
 She did one side then let the kids feel the difference between the side she floated and the non floated side.  Otoelene is sedated by the way.
 E very reluctantly checked out Otoelene's mouth.  She said she just doesn't like touching gross things.  I guess she has a different definition of gross than I do.
 And this little girl was so cute.
She looked so pleased to have been able to put her hand in a horse's mouth.

After Otoelene, I had her check Brother who wasn't too bad.  Maybe I'll have her come later to do him but I didn't want her using all of her Sunday afternoon doing horse teeth.  Then E caught Pep for her to be checked.  She said her teeth weren't too bad either but she had a malalignment of her TMJ.  If you pressed on the jaw ligaments on the left side of her face she was fine but she tossed her head and jerked away when the right side was pressed.  Dr B opened Pep's mouth and pulled the jaw back into place.  It sounded like someone cracking all of their knuckles at once.  But the relief on Pep was instant.  I guess it is one of those things where you don't realize there is a problem until it's better.  I'll have to keep a check on Pep's jaw to see if it is a reoccurring problem.

I think everyone learned a lot including the parents and grandparents that came.

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