Monday, April 21, 2014

Brother's Second Show

I finally made it to another show with Brother.  It was just me and J so I decided to only take one horse.  Plus, the classes that I was able to show in were all back to back to back, so I thought it might get tricky trying to switch around on young horses so fast.   Anyway, Brother did fabulous.  He was so quite and calm that it is hard to believe he just turned three.  
 His walk,
and lope were great.  Being western pleasure I guess there is always room to go slower, but I was pleased with his consistency and quietness in his transitions.   His attention did wander at times which caused his head to come up some but still, I'm not complaining.  The judge said she was very impressed with how he was doing and thought he could really go places.  

I will confess there weren't many western horses there, 2 to 5 in all of my classes, but who cares, we got some pretty cool ribbons including division champion in Adult Western Pleasure.



Wonderful....and very handsome horse!! the kitty/kid photo below in the previous post too.

50+ Horses said...

Great Job! You both look very relaxed and like you are enjoying yourselves. :)

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