Saturday, April 5, 2014

Enough Already

I've had enough of these hoof abscesses already.  I rode Brother Monday and he did great.  Despite the gale force winds, I toughed it out in the outdoor arena.   It was nice to lope for more that 4 strides before having to turn.  Then Tuesday he was lame.  The ground had been so dry that his hoof was too hard for me to work with even with soaking.
 We finally had a little rain which softened up his hoof enough for my dull hoof knife to dig out the abscess.
So this is the scheduled - soak and clean, dig around to open little more, soak in Epson salts, scrub with surgical scrub, pack with betadine soaked cotton, repeat... Looks like I will have to get rear shoes put back on.  Once again, it's always something.


Laura Lee said...

Funny you mention loping more than 4 strides then turning. I have also been thinking similar thoughts while riding in my little indoor arena and thinking of turning one of the little front pastures into an outdoor arena. Or spending the $$ and adding on to the indoor. It's only 96x85. It'd be nice to ride in a straight line for a length :) that's for sure. Hope the abscess heal fast!

EG CameraGirl said...

Oh dear! I hope the abscesses clear up!

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