Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kidding and Calving

Checking the goats and the cows so often has given me the opportunity to catch the kidding and calving in the act.  
 When I was checking the goats this nanny was just cleaning up her first one.  He was already trying to nurse before he tried standing.
 Then she plopped down to have another one.  I guess there are some drawbacks to being born first.
 With the goats the kidding process usually doesn't take long
 These were two good sized twins.
 Then J had me go check the cows.  This was was walking through the herd bawling.  I was afraid she was trying to steal another cow's calf.  But finally she went off by herself.
It took her less than 5 minutes to have her calf once she settled down.  
Looks like there is always something going on here.
Update on Wrangler, rode him in the barn yesterday and he did fine.  Lunged him outside with no problem.  I didn't try riding outside, too windy, cold and wet.

Kid Count - 25


Allison B said...


Alica said...

Mom! Get up! You're squishing me! I never get tired of seeing the babies being born!

Crystal said...

Cute little babies, since Neil's been sick I seen lots of babies get born this year, all cows though no goats.

Odd about Wrangler glad he seems back to normal I hate them attitudes, hope its just a one time thing.

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