Monday, April 14, 2014


We had our first set of live quadruplets Saturday night.  I think we had a set a few years ago, but 2 were not formed right and born dead.  Saturday evening when I was checking the goats, one was walking around bleating acting like she was getting ready to go into labor.  J checked them a little bit later and she had had 2 and he thought she might have another.  I went back later, after dark and found FOUR.  
 This was them at 12 hours old.
 They are all a good size, active and she is accepting them all.
 This evening I went ahead and marked them all so I can keep up with them and make sure they are all doing ok.
 E rode Brother Sunday for the first time ever.  I think she likes him more than she would admit.  She didn't like how far away his head is.  She is use to riding little Pep with that short neck and her head almost in your lap.
Saturday, she rode Wrangler again.  He did much better this time, maybe went a little faster than usual but at least he was going.  We also have to put up with the distraction of the baby goats running in and out of the ring since they are in the same field as our arena.


Alica said...

That's amazing...4 babies and all doing well. Great! They're adorable.

Crystal said...

Aww baby goats in the ring, cute! And wow quadruplets, thats a lot of work for her

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