Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Two Seemingly Random Yet Related Things

I was working in the yard today cutting down the peonies and weeding the flowers but I've put that on here so many times I'm not even interested in it anymore.  But then I was loading the stuff on the truck to haul it off when I noticed the bumper sticker.  I'm not much of a bumper sticker person but V gave us this one and J put it on the truck.  
 It makes me smile when I see it.
Then, while I was pulling the dead stuff out of the irises, I saw this little guy.
 He was so handsome and didn't mind at all posing for his picture.
I think he might have been interested in the bugs that were eating the fallen pears or maybe the pears themselves.  I'm not really sure what all he eats.


CDH said...

Love the bumper sticker...
That is a huge frog! Never seen one that big before.

Crystal said...

Love that bumper sticker its awesome! And a pink frog? weird

fernvalley01 said...

love the bumper sticker! And a pink frog? that is definitely different

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