Friday, December 12, 2014

How Much Wood Could A Woodchuck Chuck?

 J spends a lot of his time in the winter cutting and hauling in wood for which I am very thankful.  The outdoor wood stove does a great job heating our house and the mess of the wood stays outside.  Plus, J has really been cleaning up the farms in the process.
 But I read an interesting article in The Wall Street Journal the other day about heating with wood.  (here's the link to the article Where There's Oak There's Fire)
 It said to heat a 3000 square foot house for the season with a wood stove that is 72% efficient you would need 3 cords of oak wood.  I asked J how much he thought we burned in a season.  He wasn't sure but guessed somewhere around 25 - 30 cords.
Now very little of ours is solid oak, a lot of scraps and small limbs, and our house may be a little bigger than 3000 square feet and our stove is a boiler model and not direct radiant heat, but still, that's a pretty big difference.
What I do know is that J works hard to keep us warm and happy and what would we be doing with all those down and dead trees anyway.
Got to go chuck some wood  now.


fernvalley01 said...

That is a lot of work! I know we just have the little stove in the kitchen ,but I sure appreciate it when it is cold, the whole house with wood heat would be ,well just wow

C said...

J does an amazing job!

Crystal said...

I love a wood stove but alas no trees around here means we have a gas furnace and an electric fireplace to keep us a little extra warm.

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