Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Magical Frost

We awoke to a fog that had turned to frost this morning.  J said it was the biggest frost he could remember seeing. 
 E thought at first that it had snowed.
 Everything was so pretty but very hard to capture in a photograph.
 Since there was no wind, the ice crystals were growing off of everything.

 Including the horses ears,
 and tails.
 The calves we weaned yesterday and had in the barn lot had frost on their backs.
 They were very curious and seemed to want their pictures taken.
 That is until J opened the gate.
 Then they headed out to see where they were and if they could find their moms again.
 Since we hauled them here from the other farm, there is no chance of that, but it still didn't stop them from trying.
 They are in the field with the yet to be named little horse.  J said at times she was completely surrounded but just stood there or pinned her ears and bit at them.  She was unconcerned as they licked her.    As the calves were running and bawling, J said she would just calmly walk around with them.  We may have another good cow horse here.


Alica said...

The frost is so pretty! Thankfully it looks like J doesn't have any frost on him! :)

C said...

That is some crazy big frost.

Crystal said...

I sure do like some frost, its a good thing winter is pretty thats all I like about it

Mrs Shoes said...

Isn't it gorgeous? we've always called that hoar frost & in the Great White North we get it quite often. Yesterday it was as though diamond dust had been sprinkled over every surface & the glittering will sometimes seem to poke you right in the eyeball. It took until noon for it to burn off yesterday. So pretty.

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