Monday, December 5, 2016

Small Town Parade

Jordan from the Clinic where I work suggested we have a float in the Christmas Parade this year.  The boss thought it was a great idea so Jordan took off and ran with the idea.  I decided to support the effort by waving when they went by.  (there was plenty of help I think)
 When J and I got to town we found out the Rock House Museum was having and open house.  Since I had never been in it we took the tour.  It was set up as Christmas in the 50's.
 Next was an open house at our financial adviser which is on main street.  Here we waited for the start of the parade in warmth with refreshments.
 Here comes the parade!  There was a big turnout.  Lots of kids.  It is sort of like trick or treating in reverse.  The parade people hand out and throw candy to all of the kids on the route.
 The town council had a good idea with the light show.
 I thought this igloo was cute.
 Rudolf was there.
 This one reminded me of a toy my sister had that I loved playing with.
You don't see the Confederacy represented at just any parade.
 Just in case you haven't seen a grader.
 This semi was really tricked out.
 There were a couple of local bands,
 and some old cars
 and even a few horses.  
 Then our clinic float!  I think they did a great job.  "Pets Light Up Your Life"
Merry Christmas Santa.
It was a pretty long parade for such a small community.  No Rose Parade but it did last about an hour.  Little Caesars was out of pizza by the time we got there so it was popcorn and frozen pizza for supper.  But I was pretty full after all of those open houses.  


Mrs Shoes said...

The local town had a grader in their Christmas parade too!
It was clearing the snowy road (*Bonus for a working grader?).

C said...

Sounds like a fun day. That was an impressive local parade!!

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