Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Tree Preview

Merry Christmas Eve!  Here is a brief tour of some of my Christmas decorations this year. 
 Instead of and angle tree I have a Barbie tree.
 I'm sticking with my mid century modern theme in the den.
 Even Santa and his reindeer are mid century.
 The tulle came from sister C several years ago.  I just finally figured out what to do with it.
 I actually set up the light wheel for my aluminum tree for the first time.  The effect is stunning in person.  I think everyone needs an aluminum tree.
 This was a $1 find at Goodwill this year.
 And the jewelry tree is in its usual spot.  Looks like there is another stocking.  Mike is spending Christmas with us.
And here is the preview of the tree.  It's 10 feet tall.  I needed the 8 foot ladder to decorate it.

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