Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Bad Horse For Sale Pictures #31

Bay Colt, Gated, Beautiful

Q. What kind is he
A. Gated
J said he was fenced not gated.
What else is there to say?

Monday, April 17, 2017

Two Days of Cattle Sorting

It is that time of year where we have to do more sorting and rotating of the different cattle groups.
 Saturday it was getting the yearlings up and the replacement heifers sorted out so the smaller end of the group could go to some rented pasture.   The day before, there was a group right at the gate so J practiced having them come through.
 The next morning the practice paid off because there they were, ready for another try.
 The only problem was that not all of them had participated in the practice run.  That meant Otoelene and I had to make a trip to the top of the hill to bring the rest in.
 After a few back and forth trips we finally got them headed off in the right direction.
 There was a little hold up at the gate but they finally went on through.
Then Otoelene and I got the sort out the replacements.  I much prefer horse back to on foot.  Of course it helps when it's a good horse.
 Then today was the Sandhill Shuffle.  We needed to get 32 cows that haven't calved out of the field where there were 20 cow/calf pairs.  Then the pairs needed to be turned out across the creek.
 J started out on the 4-Wheeler but on our place it is very limited where it can go.
 And there was one stubborn cow that wanted to stay with the pairs instead of the yet to calve group.  J always said you could tell a tired football player when they were standing with their hands on their hips.  He had to leave the 4-wheeler behind as he darted up through the woods to cut off the cow.
But it was nice to see them out on good pasture.
 And the pairs headed off across the creek.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Bottle Babies and Graft

The question has been asked, "so how many goats are you bottle feeding now?"  And my answer is, "it varies."  I have 3 every day bottle goats living in the dog pen.
 The first one born that didn't get colostrum is now 2 weeks old and she seems to be doing well.
 Bunny was a triplet from a pet goat that didn't  have enough milk for 3.   I found her too weak to stand one morning and had to bring her to the house.
 And this black and white one is one of the triplets that I had to pull.  J found it collapsed out in the field on a cold raining day.  It had to come into the house on a heating pad for a day.  She is the best eater of the 3.
 Then outside there is this set of twins born on the 10th.
 The nanny had all appearances of doing well with them but it looks like no milk because they have gotten weak and scrawny.  Because she hasn't rejected them, I just take the bottle out to the field and feed them there.  They may still get something from her too.   There was also the set of quads.  I was worried about the runt not getting enough so I was taking him a bottle to supplement the nanny.  I quit feeding him when he got too fast to catch.
Then there was this success story.  The perfect storm of events to create a goat graft.  The nanny had triplets, 2 born dead and one very weak.  I had if up and nursing but it only made it about 3 days.  She is one of my pet goats and didn't mind me milking her.   The kid was a twin another nanny had rejected.  He was very vigorous and persistent.  It took a week and a lot of effort but we finally managed to get her to take him.  So that is one less to bottle feed.
You can probably tell from my last several posts what I have been doing with most of my time.
Kid count - 45

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Easter Bunny Tryouts

With Easter just around the corner we are searching for the Easter Bunny.  And I think I found it, just look at those ears. 
This one is part of the set of triplets born in the barn during the cold rain storm last week.  
I should have known there was a problem when it came running up to me away from her mother who is in the back ground.  The next morning "Bunny" was in the barn but too weak to stand.   Mom didn't have enough milk for all three.  So she has been added to my bottle goat collection.
Kid Count - 43.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Just Kit Sunday #118

Wishing you a lazy sunny Sunday.

  Kit Kat

Friday, April 7, 2017

Total Chaos

The wood floors went in this week.  The entire house is in total Chaos.
 Furniture has been from one end to the other but mostly in the middle.
The hall is full, the closets are empty.  Half our clothes are up stairs or piled in the laundry room.  The play room is packed with chairs, books and glass wear.  Not a room has been left unscathed.  I will be spending the next few days cleaning sawdust, carpet bits and drywall dust out of the entire house.  Anyone want to come help move furniture?
Oh, and the floors are beautiful by the way.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Goats Are Complicated

Sometimes goats are cute.
 But most of the time they are complicated.
 Yesterday it started pouring down rain about the time I usually make my rounds through the goat field.  One of my pet goats was looking very close that morning.  When I checked on them in the rain, she was in early labor.  I made the decision to go ahead and move her to the barn since she is so tame.  She ended up with triplets and is so far accepting them all.
 When I made my evening rounds I found this confusion.  I knew the brown and white one was close but the yellow one I wasn't expecting.  She was acting like she wanted to steal one of the brown one's.  After I ran her off I noticed the size difference and decided that maybe the white baby was hers after all.
 I separated it out and she seemed ok with it and the brown and white nanny was happy with her two.   The additional problem is the big white nanny in the back.  She is the mother to the younger one which she is still possessive over.  So there are 3 generations where granny doesn't want baby with daughter.   Are you confused yet.
Then this morning I go out and find yet another baby with her.  But the second one she doesn't like at all.

 They really are a pain when they do this.
 Poor little thing got pushed out.
So now I am milking the pet in the barn with the weak triplet (other 2 were dead) and taking a bottle and feeding the abandoned twin to make sure it gets colostrum.
Kid Count - 27

Sunday, April 2, 2017

In Bloom and More Triplets

We have had several warm days which has helped things in the blooming department. 
 I love how the grape hyacinths volunteer in the grass.  Might have to mow them down tomorrow though.  The grass is getting a little tall.
 And the Yoshino Cherry trees have lasted longer than some years.
 It seems like they are usually just starting to peak when we get a torrential down pour followed by high winds.  This year that came before they peaked, so the blooms stayed on. Yay!
 Then today when I went out to check the goats after lunch I found one of my bottle goats from a couple of years ago with triplets.  Unfortunately, 2 were dead and the third was almost so.   Since she is so friendly, I didn't have any problem milking her so I could tube feed the baby.  Then after a little drying off and time in the sun it was strong enough to nurse but it still couldn't stand up.  Since the nanny was laying down, I just move the baby so it could nurse.  We moved them to the barn before dark and the baby was just starting to stand on its own.
 While all that was going on , I was keeping my eye on this white nanny.  She never seemed to be pushing but she stayed in the same spot for a couple of hours.  When J got done feeding he grabbed his catch pole.  He then held her while I checked things out.  J remembered we had to pull her's last year too.
After some rearranging I managed to get a set of triples out, all live and standing in just a few minutes.
Kid Count - 20

Friday, March 31, 2017

Just Kidding

The goats are kidding that is.  J went to check on them Wednesday and found one of the yearlings acting funny with a head tilt in the morning.  In the afternoon he found a kid but no nanny with it.  After much detective work, he decided it was from the yearling with the head tilt.  She had no udder, no milk what so ever and little interest in the kid.  
 When I got home J had to carry her to the barn.  I carried the baby.  Bumble and Bea are always concerned with something different is happening to their goats.  Because she had no milk and was the first one to kid, the baby got no colostrum.  She is doing well on the bottle but usually they die from infection of some sore within the first 2 weeks.  The nanny was better this morning, head tilt gone,  but still no milk or interest in the baby so she is back out with the herd and I'm bottle feeding the baby.
Then yesterday evening J found this nanny with quadruplets.  She raised triples twice but lost her twins last year in the water tank.  She is a very good mother.  The forecast was for heavy rain overnight so we moved her the quarter mile to the barn.   So far she is taking all of them.

Kid count - 5

Monday, March 27, 2017

Twin Update and More Trouble

Update on the twin we couldn't find Saturday morning.  
Saturday afternoon I rode Otoelene out to look for it and we did what the 4-wheeler couldn't.
 I think my problem that morning was that there were some people camping in our bottom and I was looking over there at all the cars they had parked out there and didn't see the calf in the other direction.
 V and Mike were coming for a visit so we put Mike right to work.
 But once we got the calf back with the cow she rejected it.  Instead of going through the trouble of getting her and the other calf to the barn to try to make her take both, we opted to just put this one on the bottle.
 So now he is hanging out in the barn getting bottle fed twice a day.
 At least we have a twin at the beginning of calving season.  That way we will have a spare if one loses a calf.
 Which brings us to our next problem.  Sunday, when we came in from church, there was a cow that looked like she was trying to steal a calf.  Since she was right at the gate J when ahead and moved her out to a different field.  Three hours later, when he was done feeding, she still had not made any progress toward calving.  We got her up and when J checked the calf was upside down.  See the foot pointing up?  That means either upside down or back leg.  Since J could feel the knee and head we knew upside down.
 J got the chains on and we criss crossed them which flipped to body but not the head.  So I had to go in and straighten that out.  It wasn't a hard pull from there just messy.
 J said, "let me take your picture and you can label it 'Why would anyone want to be a large animal vet?'"  It's a good thing we don't have neighbors because at times like this you just have to strip down outside.
The calf was fine and I turned her back out today.  So 7-T2 is still waiting.
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