Sunday, December 3, 2017

Just Kit Sunday #127

Kit Kat was a good model this week.  I actually got a picture of him sitting still outside.
 So, ok, not Just Kit.  We got our Christmas tree yesterday! Yay!
It took a little rearranging of the branches but I think it looks pretty good.  There was a pretty big bare spot 2/3's of the was up.  I took some branches that I had trimmed off the bottom, drilled holes in the trunk and stuck them in.  We will see how that holds up over the next month.  Who wants to help decorate?


Shirley said...

Nice tree!

Mrs Shoes said...

Lovely tree; did it come off your property?
I have put up the wreaths and bows on the porch posts, but that's all & just don't know if I have the spirit for the rest of it this year.
It used to be such a joyous time of year (decorating) for us; Mr Shoes & I would drink (Carolans & coffee for me, rum & eggnog for him) while watching the kids deck out the tree. Minor squabbles once in a while, and the year that the entire tree fell over when they figured they could just decorate the visible side - such treasured memories!

C said...

Regal photo of KK. I hope your tree surgery holds for the duration.

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