Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Tire Feed Tub

A few years ago when J was in high school, he made a feed tub from an old tire.  The trick is getting the tire turned inside out.  Once you do, you have a pretty indestructible feed tub.  That is except for the wooden bottom. 
 J thought Hank might do better with a larger pan since he still dropped a lot of his grain.  So he put a new bottom on the tire and tried it out.
 I'm pretty sure Hank doesn't care much about what he eats out of as long as there is something in there every day.
Looks like the tire tub is Hank Approved.


Ruthlynn said...

Love the feed tub concept, but are you worried about the steel belting harming the horses face? Or is this a different kind of tire?

C said...

Make it work

Mrs Shoes said...

I KNOW my horses don't care what they eat out of - my big gelding eats half his meal straight from the steel wheelbarrow as I'm pushing it out to the feeders!

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