Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Heifer Trouble

The fall cows are about done calving but there were two heifers left to calve that J has been watching closely.  Sunday morning he was greeted by this heifer presenting two feet and a nose but no longer trying to push.  She was calm enough that J just put the chains on in the field and pulled, but then it got hip locked.  He had to go back to the truck and get the calf jack to finish pulling the calf.  Amazingly, the heifer let him do this all out in the open. 
Then, Sunday afternoon, we went back to make sure the calf was up and nursing.
Which it wasn't.
So we mixed up the powdered colostrum to see if it would nurse.
Which it didn't.  Next up was me tubing it with the esophageal feeder.  J has never liked using that so it has stayed my job.  It is starting to nurse on its own now so hopefully out of the woods on this one.


Alica said...

I'm glad it's doing better! We don't like using that thing either, but it has saved many a calf's life, so I guess it's good we have it available. I usually pass that job on to Jim!

C said...

Your blog is so full of interesting real life drama. J's careful observation comes through again.

Crystal said...

I hate them last couple calvers seems to take forever. Good save on your guys part tho first to pull it then to feed it.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

rough start! I am always the one to tube calves too . Hubby just wont do it if he can at all avoid it. Glad the little one bounced back

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