Sunday, November 28, 2021

And So It Begins

With a wonderful Thanksgiving under the belt (pun intended) it is time to move on to Christmas.  And as always the first up...
Santa's Mail.  No one comes to the front door so I just hang it on the inside so I can enjoy it.  This afternoon J wasn't doing anything and asked what he could do for me.  I said, "get me a Christmas tree."  The place we have been getting trees from for the last several years cut down all of their large trees last year because they had gotten wild and out of hand.  They were only selling a few 6 footers at the farmers market.  I was spoiled to getting any size tree for $25.  I checked a tree lot yesterday and found they were selling 8-9 foot trees for $65-$70.  
So J took matters and ax into his own hands and cut down a cedar off the farm we rent.  It has been a long time since we had a cedar tree and he said he had been wanting one.  
It started out about 14 feet tall (after cutting). 
And I whittled it down to about 9 1/2 feet.  It's a little Griswoldy there at the top but I'm sure the star will disguise that.  Let the decorating begin!

1 comment:

C said...

The smell of a cedar tree - memories. Love Santa's Mail :)

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