Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Still Riding

I am not much for riding in bad weather anymore.  I have gotten wimpy.  But we did have a couple of nice-ish days recently.  
Saturday I caught Hugo.  Surprisingly, he wasn't too difficult to catch this time.  I spent about half an hour combing his rats nest of a tail.  
Once he was all cleaned up I went ahead and saddled him up.  I lunged him for 5 minutes, he was acting fine so I got on.  There were no issues until I went to get off.  He acted like my right leg coming up was the spookiest thing ever.  It took quite a bit of desensitizing  for me to be able to get back off without him scooting sideways.  Not really sure what that was all about.  
Then the farrier came Monday to reset Otoelene's shoes.  So while I had her up I went ahead and rode her around.  I want to keep her tuned up in case Sadie or Allie want to ride.  She did perfect.  I could just jog around on her all day.  


C said...

Sadie and Allie are very lucky little girls :)

Shirley said...

Interesting about Hugo. Have you checked his vision?

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