Saturday, June 25, 2011

District 4-H Horse Show

We just got back from a long day at the District 4-H Horse Show.  V finally had a better day than E. 
 V's classes where at the end of the show so it was a lot of waiting for the pair.  V didn't even bother to braid Hank until after lunch.  When the judge took a break V used the time to ride in the ring some.  Hank acted a little fresh which worried V especially after her experience last year. see 2010 District Show  But after some more work in the warm up ring he settled down fine.
 He ended up doing great.  In three classes he only missed one lead (fixing it quickly) and breaking down from the trot once.
 There were lots of nice horses.
 Finally, a picture with a real smile.
V was 5/14 in Hunter Pleasure (missed lead), 3/19 in Go As You Please (break from trot) and 1/11 in Huntseat Equitation (no mistakes).  I think she's starting to like Hank now.  This was his first real show with any competition.  
E's results to come.


Kim said...

Good job V & Hank!

The Japanese Redneck said...

Congrats to you V. You and Hank are looking mightly fine! Good job.

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