Wednesday, June 29, 2011

E's Show Results

Pep was lame after last month's reining clinic (abscesses in 2 feet from the gravel in the ring and no shoes) and E was gone for the week before the show to basketball camp at Myrtle Beach, so Pep had only been ridden by me twice and E once in the last month.
 E is now a Senior 4-Her so the competition is a little stiffer also.  Her showmanship pattern had a pitiful pivot and she was 5/5.
 Pep had a lot of down time between classes that she took advantage of  to rest up.  I think her new/vintage bridle I got off of ebay looks pretty sharp.  It's Mexican silver with bit clips.
 She did well in the performance classes with no real mistakes other than the usual nose out at the lope.  She was 5/19 in Go As You Please, 3/4 in Equitation, 5/12 in Western Pleasure.
J somehow got stuck working the gate for most of the show.  He finally got away after the gymkhana classes while they were putting up the jumps for the hunter classes.   With V being gone for a month and E coming and going all summer with the State Horse Judging Team, I don't know when our next show will be.


The Japanese Redneck said...

Sounds like Pep's best classes are western pleasure. Those places are good and I personally would have been very happy with them.

Crystal said...

Sounds like he did pretty well for little riding. Congrats to V.

Mary Ann said...

I miss riding very much, and now that we no longer even have minis, I miss horses. I still look for them, and still would like to see them in our pasture again. It's a pleasure to read your blog and see your gorgeous horses, and your girls.

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