Monday, August 20, 2012

Thumper's First Show

We went to a horse show on Saturday with Pep and Thumper.  I had advertised Thumper for sale earlier this year and started riding him lots to get him ready for any potential buyers.  Several older women called or looked but wanted something more broke.  I kept telling them he's broke but just needs to be ridden, so I'm now doing the riding. 
 And just like I've said, he's a good horse.
 He was calm all day, looked sideways at a thing or two but no blow ups.
 I rode him in the ring a lot but only entered one  Adult Go As You Please Class.  He did very well, a little faster than I would like for western pleasure, more of a ranch horse speed but still very comfortable.  And this was only the second time he's had a curb bit.  The first time was the day before.  I always just ride in a snaffle.
There were gaited, hunter and western all together and the other horses passing a various gaits didn't bother him either. We ended up 5th out of 8.  I guess not too bad for his first time.


Crystal said...

Probly easier to sell a horse when hes being ridden and out there where everyone can see him.

~Allison said...

He is beautiful! What a good boy!

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