Saturday, August 11, 2012

New Event

Earlier this summer V said she would like to try barrel racing.  It's a good thing we have Hank the Wonder Horse because it just so happens that he can run pretty fast and turn quick.  So V has been practicing some getting use to his speed.  Well, now she had changed her mind and wants to try an over fences class.  Once again, Hank to the rescue.  
 We are going to a show 4-H Sunday (today) that has a Hunter Hack class that is only 2 jumps 2 feet high.
 Hank also likes to jump and if you get him pointed in the right direction, he will usually manage to make it over the jump.  If you have a little skill in keeping him straight and keeping the strides right he can make it over gracefully.
Lets hope everything comes together well for the show.  I'm not sure J will be able to watch.


Crystal said...

Sure nice to have a horse that will do it all!

NeighGirl said...

Good luck!!!!
Hank is a D-R-E-A-M :)

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