Friday, August 17, 2012

Fridays Fences #46 and Shipping Cattle

Two posts for the price of one!
 OK, here's the fence.  I liked how the dew was dripping off of the gate with the barn lot fence in the background.
 J had me up and out at the crack of dawn to get the cattle in the lot.
 As usual, they were easier to tow than drive so J just pulled one of the feed troughs into the lot.  I think they look a little suspicious.
 But the draw of the feed overcame any apprehension and most of them came on in.  With a little help from the backside, I drove the other in too.
 There is always one hold out but in this case it was ok.  It was an AI bred Hereford heifer we where keeping anyway.
Oh, a bonus fence.  We shipped out a load of 70 head with an average weight of  #702, heavier than usual for us which is nice for a change.  They are now on their way to a feedlot in Nebraska.
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Kim, USA said...

Love your shots that is what country is all about so beautiful and serene. ^_^


Mary Ann said...

Very interesting to one who doesn't see a lot of cattle close up... just in pastures!

Jan n Jer said...

Love that dew drop on the fence!!!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Farms are always good places to find fences...not that all farms have good, strong fences, but apparently yours does!

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carpetcleaningsydney said...

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