Tuesday, August 21, 2012

4-H Arena Day

We had a 4-H meeting at the arena on Sunday. (Yes, horse show Saturday, arena Sunday.  I think J may be getting tired of hauling us around)
 We had 4 kids and only one was mine this time. (V didn't go)
 E and Katelyn are both taking their horses to the State Show next month.  One on the classes is trail which has a required gate.  So, there was lots of practicing with the gate.
 E will also have a Working Western class that is a very simple version of a reining pattern.  She did some practicing with that.
 We brought Hank for Jordyn to ride.
Her feet don't even reach past the saddle pad but Hank did everything she asked.  She didn't canter at first because she said it was easier on  Spot  (the paint we gave her a couple of years ago)  but I told her once she got use to it Hank would be easy too.  Sure enough, she was cantering laps around the ring.  She finally got off after 2 hours and everyone else having already left the ring.  We might get her to ride in a beginner class at a show next month.

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