Thursday, August 2, 2012

School Shots

We have another load of cattle getting ready to go out west to the feed lot in a couple of weeks. 
 It's a mixed load of steers and heifers.  29 were bought earlier last month to go with the fall born calves we just weaned.  The purchased cattle had already had their vaccines so we needed to get ours up and vaccinate them before they leave.
 Once again, J gets them in more by calling than driving.  (see him in the barn lot)
 V took over in her usual position as head catcher.
 And E enjoys her spot in the pharmacy.
J did the hard work of bringing the cattle up the chute and I gave the vaccines.  It's like sending a child to school.  You don't know what they will come in contact with so it's best to try to protect against what you can.


Crystal said...

Handy to have help!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

mine all come in if I call , way better than chasing. They are looking good

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