Saturday, August 25, 2012

Virginia Highlands Endurance Challenge, Part 1

We just returned from our latest outing, a 30 mile limited distance endurance ride held just down the road from us.  This was my 4th time doing this ride and J's 2nd. 
 We went Friday afternoon for the pre ride vet check and camped out in the horse trailer.
 There was a set of horse scales there so we did a pre ride weight check.  Jessica weighed in at 1040 and Hank tipped the scales at 1150, 15 pounds heavier than last year.  A lot of the Arabians looked to be in the 8-900 pound range.
 Then it was on to the number writer,
 and pre vet check.  Hank and Jessica both passed with all A's.
 We went on a short ride to get them loosened up then got them settled for the night.  Very few of the endurance riders tie to the trailer.  Most have little corrals they set up.  We haven't gotten that fancy yet.
 In fact, we still ride in jeans.  I haven't been able to convince J to wear stretchy pants yet.  Before the ride started, Jessica took one of her stubborn bucking fits so J had to lunge her for about 10 minutes and she acted fine after that.   But, this put us about 1 minute past the start so we really didn't see much in front except for this group of about 6 and they went on and we didn't see them again until the first water stop 6 mile in.
The ride to the half way point was pretty uneventful until the 4 miles through the open range land when...HANK LOST A SHOE!  This has been my worst nightmare.  I even had my farrier out on Friday morning to check the shoes because that one was a little loose.  He pulled and replaced 2 nails and thought that would keep it tight enough for the ride, oh well.   Luckily, there was only about 2 more miles, mostly pasture.  When we got to a rocky area I stopped and put on a new Hoof Wrap pad I had just gotten from Tractor Supply.  It went on quick and actually worked pretty well and got up into the half way vet check without limping.   We made the first 15 miles in 2 hours, 45 minutes which was 4 minutes ahead of my time last year even with the shoe issue.  There was a mandatory 50 minute hold and miracles of miracles, a farrier was there and was able to put a new shoe on Hank.
We had no crew to help us this year (V at college and E stayed home) so things were more hectic for us at the hold.  Also, this is why the picture taking is more limited.
Stay tuned for tomorrow's conclusion.

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Crystal said...

I sure wish there was something like that around here, but I doubt I could convince my hubby to go with me.

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