Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday's Fences?

I know it's not Friday but fences are what we've been working on.  This latest patching was due to damage done before the wind storms. 
 The state road crew came through trimming trees along the main road and instead of blowing the chipped wood into a truck and hauling it off for mulch they decided to just blow it over the bank into a creek and onto our fence.  Granted, it wasn't much of a fence but they certainly didn't help things.
 It was a difficult spot to get to.
 J surveying the damage.
 E took a very long time to get across the creek.
 But she finally made and was able to help out.
 It's still not much of a fence but it's better than it was.  Hopefully, the cattle won't be hanging around here much.
Job well done.


Alica said...

I would be so upset at them!! But it does look like you all did a good job fixing it up!

Mary Ann said...

A hard job well done!

Crystal said...

We have a few fences like that that are pretty bad, but they are luckily where cattle dont hang around.

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