Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Cattle and Goats

We are still working on some spring chores, trying to get everything worked and rotated onto good grass.
 Yesterday we were at our farm we call BJ's .  These are our fall calving cows.
 All that we needed to do was sort out the calve, vaccinate, implant and deworm them.  Then there were 3 replacement heifers J had questions about if they were bred so I had to check those.
 Quick and easy, 2 hours for 51 head, sorted worked and turned out with just me and J.
 Then it was back to the house to work the goats.
 We are trying to do everything that requires the barn before we get the mustang on Friday.
 Goats aren't too difficult if they want to go where you are sending them.
But the little ones can flow out of the barn like water through any crack.  We finally got them all rounded up, banded the boys and dewormed the nannies.
Now I need to finish reinforcing the barn lot.  The anticipation is killing me.  I just hope she is not too wild. 


C said...

I'm looking forward to the reports on the new mustang

Crystal said...

Should be interesting! hope not too wild

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